Del Monte Easy Salsa- Recipe and a Review

When I got chosen as a Del Monte reviewer, I was glad to see one of the choices was a tomato product. I am not that fond of other canned vegetables, finding they don't taste much like fresh.

I chose the Del Monte Zesty Tomatoes with Green Chiles and made a plan to make an easy salsa.
1 can Del Monte Zesty Tomatoes with Green Chiles
diced onion to taste
fresh garlic, minced
fresh lime juice to taste
sea salt to taste
variations: fresh cilantro

This salsa wasn't very good at all. I found out that Del Monte adds other (odd) ingredients to the tomatoes, like sugar and what tastes like Italian seasonings. It definitely didn't taste authentic. And at nearly twice the price of my usual tomatoes with green chiles, I would never buy them again.
Matt said the flavor reminded him of spaghetti sauce.

I did like the big chunks of tomatoes, so I give Del Monte 2 out of 5 chiles for this product. What a disappointment!


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