Blackened Sirloin Pork Chops and Sassy Cat's Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

The chops were easy, and Sassy Cat's potatoes were put on my menu as soon as I saw them.

I had actually planned to grill the chops, but cold weather settled in to this neck of the woods so I ended up blackening them and cooking them in a super hot cast iron skillet. I always use my homemade version of Emeril's "Essence" for this. It's much cheaper and has far less salt than his version.

For Sassy Cat's potatoes, I made a couple variations. I added extra soup to make them "soupier" and stirred in some Velveeta cheese near the end. Everything else was left pretty much the same. Why mess with such simple greatness?

Sassy Cat's original easy scalloped potato recipe can be found here:


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