Shame on You, Del Monte

A couple of months ago, Gather ran a promotion in which they were giving away coupons for free cans of Del Monte products, your choice.

I started searching through the canned goods at a local supermarket the other day, concentrating on the tomato products. I am generally not fond of either canned vegetables like peas or corn or canned fruits.

Well, to my complete surprise, many of Del Monte's canned tomato products contain HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! Is there any reason whatsoever that this cheap filler needs to be added to canned tomatoes? Oh yes, I can think of one: increased profits for Del Monte Corporation. Needless to say, I quickly returned the can of tomatoes to the shelf.

After several more minutes of searching, I finally did find a canned product that met my needs. And I was quite surprised to find that it did. Del Monte makes a canned fruit salad with pineapple chunks and papaya in passionfruit juice. It was excellent! The fruit tasted very fresh and tart.
Del Monte's Fruit Salad in Passionfruit Juice:
Overall, however, nothing can redeem Del Monte in my eyes. For one, their products are almost twice as much as the store brands (and the Kroger and Meijer store brands in my area are just as good as any national brand). Secondly, adding cheap fillers to products always results in my decreased respect for a company. I consider myself an educated consumer and I will not be duped by companies that add this (or any other unnecessary "additive") to their products.

Buyer beware.


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